INDEX4sight successfully started the EU project NeoCraft


At that project stage the partners were trained in geocaching based on the usage of the website A NeoCraft account was established and concrete specific examples to geocaching were illustrated on the island of Sylt in Germany related to old traditional handcrafts.

The partners selected two old traditional handcrafts, appropriate places and appropriate crafts of Sylt, to put new geocaches. The first geocache was positioned close to the „Graveyard of the homeless“ (undertaker) and the second at „Old boat house“ (boat builder).

INDEX4sight has applied for a new EU project- NeoCraft


NeoCraft describes how to use modern computer- and internet-based technologies (web 2.0) to generate, keep and transfer knowledge about old traditional handcrafts. The idea is to create a traveller´s guide with descriptions about old traditional handcrafts. Furthermore a worldwide webbased game called Geocaching, which is for free, is used as a vehicle to create a catalogue of new geocaches which have a strong reference to old handcrafts (i.e. a building like a windmill including a miller-museum).